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  1. ASaco oun

    ASaco oun

    7 saat əvvəl

    Good video, a monster takedown followed by my nasty elbows to take them down

  2. Gabriel Borjal

    Gabriel Borjal

    7 saat əvvəl

    11:11 blood splatter? more like sharts of blood

  3. SideNote


    7 saat əvvəl

    If that Netflix series is any true, the jurors were a bunch of morons. Imagine letting go an obvious killer cause he shares your skin colour. MLK must be real proud.

  4. Quinn Amass

    Quinn Amass

    7 saat əvvəl

    hIS HAIR

  5. Chelsea Jones

    Chelsea Jones

    7 saat əvvəl

    Shane got sick of being called a coloniser 😢

  6. Liza Duggan

    Liza Duggan

    7 saat əvvəl

    Would anyone else love to see an episode about the mysterious circumstances of princess Diana's death?

  7. RoyalFantasy


    7 saat əvvəl

    PLEASE, do a report on The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann!

  8. Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

    Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

    7 saat əvvəl

    That guy's hilarious however I feel like he's just playing devil's advocate just in spite. Like the JFK one was the worst, you fooled us so congratulations?? That's just a way of side skirting having to side with his co-host

  9. finger lickin' good

    finger lickin' good

    7 saat əvvəl

    houdini SWOLE yall

  10. Jackie rash

    Jackie rash

    7 saat əvvəl

    Funny the same exact wooden mantel and tile and I couldn't see the metal plate in front of the fire place was the same as the one my step moms grandmas house had and it's in a small town in Nebraska some guy back in the late 1800s had the house built and had a lot of money his last name was Falloon it was close to being torn down and some people came along and got it and rebuilt it for $350.000 that's what I thought was strange it was turned into a nursing home back in the 50s or 60s I dont believe it was haunted but I think the guy that had it built is still there I lived there when I was 16 it creeped me out but that was it .

  11. finger lickin' good

    finger lickin' good

    7 saat əvvəl

    'waking up to Annabelle dragging me out of bed' is probably in Shane's bucket list

  12. HanazawaEternalIce


    7 saat əvvəl

    Oh yey I'm glad they watched Dr sleep and liked it! I loved it too the book was amazing! Read it back to back with the shining Then watched the films like that too

  13. finger lickin' good

    finger lickin' good

    7 saat əvvəl

    ( shane wakes up with his wall dripping with blood spelling out 'i love you shane' ) "how sweet 🥰"

  14. chris thomas

    chris thomas

    7 saat əvvəl

    17:55 is that the menu music from modern warfare 2?

  15. pseudocode1


    7 saat əvvəl

    Talking absolute trash the entire time. Couldn't take more than a few mins.

  16. chzxjh


    7 saat əvvəl

    hmm.... have y'all heard of any suspicious heart attacks recently? because it looks like Ryuk has come to earth.

  17. Josef Lindholm

    Josef Lindholm

    7 saat əvvəl

    pls have shane visit omg

  18. Tobias Hunt

    Tobias Hunt

    7 saat əvvəl

    I'm from England and can confirm that we put our drunk friends in trees

  19. Josef Lindholm

    Josef Lindholm

    7 saat əvvəl

    where is this?

  20. magalí


    7 saat əvvəl

    it's better than a pit... i guess :/

  21. 509mrs


    7 saat əvvəl

    Look at Shane looking sharp! Ryan looking undercover. lol I’d like to see more ghost hunting eventually. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

  22. Blonde Jack

    Blonde Jack

    7 saat əvvəl

    The ghost of christmas past didnt have chains, that was the ghost of Jacob Marley

  23. Sarita Mae Acebuche

    Sarita Mae Acebuche

    7 saat əvvəl

    Im glad I read the comment section while watching. if not, I would've freaked out when the mannequin's head moved

  24. Sophia Claver

    Sophia Claver

    7 saat əvvəl

    Abominable Bride, Sherlock anyone?

  25. Lucía Pascual

    Lucía Pascual

    7 saat əvvəl

    ok hear me out... what if the kidnappers a woman bc cindy would've trusted a woman and gone somewhere with her and maybe taken her purse and that's why the book was also open to a page ab a knife bc if it was a guy he could've just carried her out or something

  26. v for villanelle

    v for villanelle

    7 saat əvvəl

    lmaoooo ikrr Zedd's house is hella massive

  27. Orbital_ Soul

    Orbital_ Soul

    7 saat əvvəl

    Ryan:abt to go upstairs Dog:barks Lord Shane: *so that's where the hell hound went i always ask him to be with Annabelle*🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Ali May ASMR

    Ali May ASMR

    7 saat əvvəl

    4:20 Fast forward 3 years...😬

  29. Possum Boy

    Possum Boy

    7 saat əvvəl

    They were joking around but I feel like they definitely made triple-sure their doors were locked after this episode for at least a couple days

  30. shreenath K V

    shreenath K V

    7 saat əvvəl

    When the warrens were exposed as total frauds what can you expect from a doll in their occult ?

  31. Eileen G

    Eileen G

    7 saat əvvəl

    loved the character arc of shane’s hair... so brutal how it was killed, will be missed writers flopped w this one xx

  32. _____ As _____

    _____ As _____

    7 saat əvvəl

    When Disney becomes self aware: 7:50

  33. Ekha Sama

    Ekha Sama

    8 saat əvvəl

    Shane: I love 'from hell' This is why shane is feared and loved at the same time.

  34. Nj Njhjh

    Nj Njhjh

    8 saat əvvəl


  35. CrankyFranky


    8 saat əvvəl

    for some reason I read it as "florida moustache murder"

  36. Serotonin Wya?

    Serotonin Wya?

    8 saat əvvəl

    My conspiracy theory is that Shane killed her

  37. Saima Khan

    Saima Khan

    8 saat əvvəl

    What’s funny

  38. Eva


    8 saat əvvəl

    This is so cool! I live just south of Hammersmith and I've never heard about this before! There's also an abandoned cemetery in Barnes where I live that's said to be haunted by the ghost of a nun who hovers over the unmarked grave of Julia Martha Thomas who was murdered by her maid in the 1800s. My friend thinks she caught the nun in a photo once! Whether it's true or not it's a really spooky place to visit as there's decapitated angel statues and it's all overgrown :)

  39. emryspaperart


    8 saat əvvəl

    brb am mourning shanes hair

  40. Mollie Forster

    Mollie Forster

    8 saat əvvəl

    I think this is the problem we now have with ghost sightings/ghost hunting, like people assume that they’re gonna see a certain type of figure because of the stereotypes created by stories or fake/prank sightings, so real sightings don’t get processed mentally as real sightings cus the person just looks like a person.

  41. Luna3141


    8 saat əvvəl

    if I became a ghost I would haunt my friends just to be a positive influence like "you're doing greeeeaaat" "you look gorgeooouuuus"

  42. RJ Dough

    RJ Dough

    8 saat əvvəl

    I wonder if ryan ever thought the ghost was actually an alien? That didn't no how to blend in with humans 200 yrs ago. So wore a sheet.. lol.. probly how it climbed walls and breathe fire

  43. Tristan Morgan

    Tristan Morgan

    8 saat əvvəl

    I've heard this story locally to me in Wales but it was a hammer 🔨 the man used. It must have been Chinese wispers

  44. Pami LeonQueen

    Pami LeonQueen

    8 saat əvvəl

    People never learn from the past, considering how many knowlegeable people roam the earth.

  45. the other ghost girl

    the other ghost girl

    8 saat əvvəl

    The only ghost I’ve actually seen was just a big blurry shape, so meh

  46. Jaryn Covell

    Jaryn Covell

    8 saat əvvəl

    You guys just don’t wanna do your jobs, it doesn’t take a dozen men to ghost hunt. Give us the Ghoul Bois

  47. Wiz Rad

    Wiz Rad

    8 saat əvvəl

    Super believable story: Several archangels visited me personally to tell me I should pray more. True story. Right....okay Jesus, get some sleep, you got some miracles to do tomorrow. Angels are dicks. Team free will all the way.

  48. Marci Fábri

    Marci Fábri

    8 saat əvvəl

    Did anyone came after playing CoD cold war

  49. Jaid Hadley

    Jaid Hadley

    8 saat əvvəl

    is shane ok?? i had to pause when i saw his hair >.>

  50. Cristin Buskard

    Cristin Buskard

    8 saat əvvəl

    Roastmortem: I was marking the passage of time with the length of Shane’s hair. Now what will I do?!

  51. Caillou Villa

    Caillou Villa

    8 saat əvvəl

    Does It Required To Play Heavy Metal When A Scientist Develops A New Drug?? Buzzfeed Unsolved: Yes!

  52. XIII Z

    XIII Z

    8 saat əvvəl

    I like the fact they said the doll was contained in a holy box preventing it from doing stuff. Then they tried to make it do stuff. Like poking a dog with a muzzle on it and saying "bite me"

  53. LIBRIAN Sana

    LIBRIAN Sana

    8 saat əvvəl

    Shane finally has cut his hair and looking like a man again instead of kindergarten child 😂

  54. Divine Truth2

    Divine Truth2

    8 saat əvvəl

    A lizard and mockery are hard to part..

  55. DeGons Banegas

    DeGons Banegas

    9 saat əvvəl

    Blue Ivy, a name to mean something, the meaning I would give is that it implies that Blue Ivy was born blue blooded, meaning born a princess, suggesting that her parents are monarchs. I know only God can give the tittle of King and he has not given it to humans since the last King of Israel and will only give that tittle to Jesus and Jesus will make princesses his adoptive sisters and princes his adoptive brothers, and all of those little ones whom are his brethren(Vulnerable People) he has already adopted, so not in this life can we be 🤴 prince, princess, only in the hereafter in heaven and only God is King and only Jesus will be King when they one in three become three in one, in Jesus crowned.

  56. nigelcarren


    9 saat əvvəl

    "Hello, is there anybody here with us right now?" ....... ......Bzzzzz... ....... ..... Squelch.... "I'm too hot (hot dam) Make a Dragon wanna retire, man I'm too hot (hot dam) Say my name you know who I am" "Jeez.... its sounds awful down there! " 😉

  57. Baobei Nisa

    Baobei Nisa

    9 saat əvvəl

    It’s heartbreaking the parents are still blaming themselves 😢😢

  58. TheAngelsPenthouse


    9 saat əvvəl

    When they use the spirit box it sounds like "well, you found me" after Ryan asks for a clear response. they were just playing hide and seek....crazy

  59. Shreyash Khare

    Shreyash Khare

    9 saat əvvəl

    i was scared from my home ryan and shane roasting the dolls being at thier place XD

  60. Donna Pearl Mensurado- Acuna

    Donna Pearl Mensurado- Acuna

    9 saat əvvəl

    I ended up searching "Wafi Mall Robbery".

  61. [GD] Drial

    [GD] Drial

    9 saat əvvəl

    We read about this story in our English class a few years ago

  62. Yousr


    9 saat əvvəl

    anyone who watched prison break knows exactly who D.B cooper is and where the money is

  63. PAIN


    9 saat əvvəl

    Nice haircut Shane.

  64. Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee

    9 saat əvvəl

    Imagine how wild Scooby Doo would be if Fred just brought a glock to every haunting

  65. Анастасия Солодкова

    Анастасия Солодкова

    9 saat əvvəl

    it is already scientifically proved that the Nile was much wider those times. So, they used ships to transport the stones.

  66. LetsRaZe


    9 saat əvvəl

    Who is watching this back after the postmortem episode?

  67. Christina W.

    Christina W.

    9 saat əvvəl

    i ADORE the hotdaga glad its back for another season

  68. Weighne Princess Tan

    Weighne Princess Tan

    9 saat əvvəl

    ghost: what is your... name? ryan and shane: * plays opera music *

  69. christian valdez

    christian valdez

    9 saat əvvəl

    Sheriff: What happened? Townsfolk: Worst case of suicide we’ve ever seen

  70. Ashley B. is me

    Ashley B. is me

    9 saat əvvəl

    He (not worthy of giving him glory) did this to another human being simply because he wanted to. I hope the treatment he gets in prison, is the same as he gave to Breck. I believe every life matters, but may God have mercy on your soul because you won't find it there.

  71. A. M.

    A. M.

    9 saat əvvəl

    the part where ryan saw a ghost: 15:01

  72. AnnaSophia


    9 saat əvvəl

    Shane's haaair ;___; Noooo

  73. m .

    m .

    9 saat əvvəl

    free shane and ryan from buzzfeed till it’s backwards

  74. dj tt

    dj tt

    9 saat əvvəl

    Shane is looking extra yummy today. i love the hair.

  75. christian valdez

    christian valdez

    9 saat əvvəl

    Police officer: "So no head?" Slams walkie talkie on the ground

  76. sweet creature

    sweet creature

    9 saat əvvəl

    I was looking at Shane for a good 3 minutes thinking that something was off before I realized that he's beautiful hair was gone

  77. Destiny Williams

    Destiny Williams

    9 saat əvvəl

    Y'all are annoying just run the video all that laughing and talk is so overrated

  78. aorta321


    9 saat əvvəl

    Ryan looks like a smaller Tom Cruise 😂