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  1. Jud Judersawn

    Jud Judersawn

    12 saat əvvəl

    He sounds like Steve Jobs because he's a naval commander. He's had leadership training.

  2. Vas Spanos

    Vas Spanos

    12 saat əvvəl

    nothing funny about your character! very strong

  3. Vas Spanos

    Vas Spanos

    12 saat əvvəl

    I saw you for the first time before you began to speak and did not faze or shock me the least bit you are amazingly strong and thank you for sharing your story with us.

  4. Kevin Baldwin

    Kevin Baldwin

    12 saat əvvəl

    From the description "However, her love to defend social justice is unparalleled with anything else." You know from that statement that she never bothers to examine the data.



    12 saat əvvəl

    currently on day 58

  6. Mehboob Alam

    Mehboob Alam

    12 saat əvvəl


  7. Clahyber Daniel Rojas Villavicencio

    Clahyber Daniel Rojas Villavicencio

    12 saat əvvəl

    Increible el experimento estimular el cerebro para producir la acción y luego la emoción ya sea de sonreír para producir alegría como el correr produce miedo,interactuando con las personas y asiendo que lo experimenten, como algo tan simple como el bostezo,cantar en la ducha que son cosas tan comunes en la vida cotidiana tienen sus ciencia.

  8. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia

    12 saat əvvəl


  9. Peggy Buetow

    Peggy Buetow

    12 saat əvvəl

    The volunteer is missing a shoe.

  10. Tara LaMonte-Frederick

    Tara LaMonte-Frederick

    12 saat əvvəl

    Watching in 2021 and feeling very isolated

  11. Case Uetuuongere

    Case Uetuuongere

    12 saat əvvəl

    You are very fast my brother.

  12. Philippe Durand

    Philippe Durand

    12 saat əvvəl

    Every time I hear researchers talk about AI, they always seem to forget some really really simple concepts about Human reality that is just simply not available to AI. Its glaring in this talk as well, when she talks about teaching Kids with Positive Reinforcement, 'Chocolate'. The only reason why this is positive reinforcement, is because Kids have mouths, taste buds, with a brain that has chemicals that give a positive reaction to eating the chocolate. There is no positive reinforcement for AI, because AI cannot enjoy anything. So already the whole argument was mostly 'moot'. It's hard to enjoy the rest of the talk, because it starts off with a faulty premise.

  13. Diya Kaiser

    Diya Kaiser

    12 saat əvvəl

    It hurts to exist, I feel like I might die. How could he do this to me

  14. Hanna W

    Hanna W

    12 saat əvvəl

    What is that electronic keyboard that looks like an ipad?

  15. Иван Анкудинов

    Иван Анкудинов

    12 saat əvvəl

    4 года назад... Интересно, что сейчас, надо погуглить.

  16. Derp Corp

    Derp Corp

    12 saat əvvəl

    I didn’t know this was a Ted Talk but it is still pretty funny (Edit) no not the start (Edit) or most of it but it is a funny concept

  17. Varun Tiwari

    Varun Tiwari

    12 saat əvvəl


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    12 saat əvvəl

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  19. DM Journeys

    DM Journeys

    12 saat əvvəl

    So many gems she gives in just 25 minutes. Thank you Caroline Myss, your teachings are such a gift.

  20. Mashfi Akter

    Mashfi Akter

    12 saat əvvəl

    She is just Awesome....

  21. ryland polain

    ryland polain

    12 saat əvvəl

    I'm using you dad's method thank him for me

  22. Gümen


    12 saat əvvəl

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  23. Holly Hanson

    Holly Hanson

    12 saat əvvəl

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  24. 4 Door

    4 Door

    12 saat əvvəl

    He’s a tRumpster. Boycott everything about this clown.

  25. Sulaiman Al Bamakasaniy

    Sulaiman Al Bamakasaniy

    12 saat əvvəl

    Assalamualaikum Asmani Huda. Break a leg yeah and God bless and protect us

  26. Pengin


    12 saat əvvəl

    am i the only weeb not wanting to get railed or date anyone? im literally just wanting to meet kurapika and killua 😭✋🏽

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  28. kevin I

    kevin I

    12 saat əvvəl

    Time travels real

  29. Joyce Wang

    Joyce Wang

    12 saat əvvəl

    You would be SUPER popular in any Asian countries.



    12 saat əvvəl

    No one may be heard laughing but the floor is cracking up.

  31. 김김태경


    12 saat əvvəl

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  32. swswan


    12 saat əvvəl

    God these soulless people running bot scams on people who are going through really hard times...SMH

  33. Holly Hanson

    Holly Hanson

    12 saat əvvəl

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  34. Usuario 1

    Usuario 1

    12 saat əvvəl

    Buenisimo saludos desde Bolivia

  35. Dante Supo Rojas

    Dante Supo Rojas

    12 saat əvvəl

    Excelente, muy interesante para el tema de resiliencia y crecimiento personal y empresarial

  36. white dom

    white dom

    12 saat əvvəl

    no one cares becky

  37. Marion Lash

    Marion Lash

    12 saat əvvəl

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  38. David Aponte

    David Aponte

    12 saat əvvəl

    To those that decry the treatment conservative views have received from Twitter and Facebook I say be careful what you wish for. If so called conservative Trump supporters believe government should stop regulating business, than getting rid of section 230 is the only thing that is protecting you from government intrusion. I have a better idea, lets break up big tech and end the monopoly they have in the internet thus creating more competition and choice, and keep 230 in place. stop the hypocrisy.

  39. Болатбек Бектемисов

    Болатбек Бектемисов

    12 saat əvvəl


  40. Jeremiah Still

    Jeremiah Still

    12 saat əvvəl

    Police: So how did the bank robber look when he fled the scene Me: Line to the left....

  41. Mohammed Salah

    Mohammed Salah

    12 saat əvvəl

    She's gorgeous and funny wallah

  42. あなたの音楽を送ってください音の表現


    12 saat əvvəl

    It's beautiful to think about but sad to kno we have been tricked for so long

  43. Scorpio girl

    Scorpio girl

    12 saat əvvəl

    I don't follow any of my friends!! 😝

  44. Magneto Dell

    Magneto Dell

    12 saat əvvəl

    Prea multa lumina in spate. te dor ochii daca te uiti la video

  45. jib lal gautam

    jib lal gautam

    12 saat əvvəl


  46. Krishna O'Brien

    Krishna O'Brien

    12 saat əvvəl

    Even if they're true, aren't they typically exaggerated?

  47. Daisy Osorio

    Daisy Osorio

    12 saat əvvəl

    Buen tema gracias por orientar, es bueno que todos los docentes deban saber sobre estos TADH

  48. Ron M

    Ron M

    12 saat əvvəl

    JP is a brilliant comedian, the real kind who mocks the stupidity of humanity.

  49. Paul Martin

    Paul Martin

    12 saat əvvəl

    Just wow girl. I have been in business (often plural) since my early childhood. You have said nothing but truth and 99% of the world will never really understand what you said. Your awareness will enhance your entire life. :)

  50. Marcelo LA

    Marcelo LA

    12 saat əvvəl

    I have it..for years....for me it remembers me that I'm alive.

  51. Hussain Lokhandwala

    Hussain Lokhandwala

    12 saat əvvəl

    Okayy I felt like me telling my story... just I got below 65% in 10th and took science ( my parents aren't even rich though)

  52. Botwin Nancy

    Botwin Nancy

    12 saat əvvəl

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  53. Rayne Tad-o

    Rayne Tad-o

    12 saat əvvəl

    14:20 that awkward moment when you offer a tissue but was not noticed. 😂

  54. Leandro Mello

    Leandro Mello

    12 saat əvvəl

    Nossa keila parabéns fico feliz pela sua conquista

  55. Jayden Crews

    Jayden Crews

    12 saat əvvəl

    Headphones again have saved me from yet another awkward conversation

  56. 김김태경


    12 saat əvvəl

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  57. Maria Caltabellotta

    Maria Caltabellotta

    12 saat əvvəl

    killed it

  58. Ronald


    12 saat əvvəl

    Refutar as consequências (mal) da inteligência artificial

  59. Emir Cardozrein

    Emir Cardozrein

    12 saat əvvəl


  60. Zulmira vaz de almeida

    Zulmira vaz de almeida

    12 saat əvvəl

    Muito bom......e vomo você continua linda Bruna !

  61. Christian Lives Matter // Crews

    Christian Lives Matter // Crews

    12 saat əvvəl

    Awesome! Drawing is about making what you have into a drawing



    12 saat əvvəl

    what an absolute emasculated simp

  63. Modus Ponens

    Modus Ponens

    12 saat əvvəl

    I wish I knew less science for this talk... It would be much more inspiring. (In particular, the micro-tubules theory (~10m) is highly controversial and speculative -- there is not yet any real evidence for it.)

  64. Predator


    12 saat əvvəl

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  65. El Guarache

    El Guarache

    12 saat əvvəl

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  66. Cole Perry

    Cole Perry

    12 saat əvvəl

    I just lost my job and my wife decided to leave me because I told her I am putting half of my savings towards my sick mother's treatment. I had the worst day of my life. Thank you for saying all that you have because it's given me the hope that things will get better. I "traditionally" don't have everything I need but now I do have hope. This hope should be enough for now and I don't want more. I want to be happy again. Thank you Seth Streeter and TEDxSantaBarbara for changing my afternoon.

  67. aldo mozombite

    aldo mozombite

    12 saat əvvəl


  68. Jawaad Farooque

    Jawaad Farooque

    12 saat əvvəl

    Children need father and mother, stop making kids if you can't be there when they are growing up, I am talking to both mothers and fathers not only in USA but throughtout the world.

  69. Rodrigo García Cruz

    Rodrigo García Cruz

    12 saat əvvəl

    Eres mi ídolo!

  70. Rikki Slonce

    Rikki Slonce

    12 saat əvvəl

    Schools do not care about students or staff. They never have and never will unless we have a drastic overhaul and time of change to the system overall. The people who make gun laws and school rules do not care that you are human. It's all about money. That's just a fact, they have shown it time and time again. Change it or leave it, because it's broken.

  71. Gastón Siwacki

    Gastón Siwacki

    12 saat əvvəl

    El comentario que hace en el minuto 9 es peligroso. A veces la gente no reacciona de la manera esperada y se puede prejuzgar y cometer un error. Un ejemplo de esto es el caso de la pareja australiana que en un Parque Nacional denunciaron que un perro salvaje se llevó a su bebé, y como en las entrevistas se la veía tranquila no le creyeron y se comieron el repudio total de la población. incluso estuvieron presos. Muchos años después se encontraron pistas del bebé que demostraron que efectivamente habia sido raptado por uno de estos perros.

  72. Zulmira vaz de almeida

    Zulmira vaz de almeida

    12 saat əvvəl

    Larissa que bom que você conseguiu.......isso tem ser para todo Brasil

  73. ThanksForTheIP.ADDRESS. C you. Soon WHITEPOWER

    ThanksForTheIP.ADDRESS. C you. Soon WHITEPOWER

    12 saat əvvəl

    “We were happy” um sounds like you were happy and homeboy wasn’t. Hence, he’s deceased.

  74. Jillian Chiarot

    Jillian Chiarot

    12 saat əvvəl

    I watched this video almost four years ago now. How much I've grown since then. Upon first seeing this I never knew much about schizophrenia, after this video I (being the extremely anxious person I am) panicked and for months thought it was only a matter of time before I developed schizophrenia. I now see this and other videos about schizophrenia and have so much admiration for these people who suffer with their brain constantly. I know I'm not strong enough to deal with such a thing and that the people who live with schizophrenia are so incredibly brave and strong.

  75. Andres Solar

    Andres Solar

    12 saat əvvəl

    to think that consciousness is a mathematical pattern is really ridiculous. mathematics is not a tool to simplify reality. it's a recent human invention (and constantly failing to answer general questions). a very useful tool in practical challenges - but it doesn't represent nature in any way. in other words: we don't know a sh**.

  76. Beatrìz Cardoso

    Beatrìz Cardoso

    12 saat əvvəl

    caralho 🥺

  77. Вера Кононова

    Вера Кононова

    12 saat əvvəl

    Все Дети🔆-Дар Божий❤️❤️❤️🙏

  78. Safak Ozkan

    Safak Ozkan

    12 saat əvvəl

    Is the speaker an Android also?

  79. Gülderen Ay

    Gülderen Ay

    12 saat əvvəl

    Dünyayı gençler düzeltecek.❤

  80. Adorably Adorable

    Adorably Adorable

    12 saat əvvəl

    I am not a pet...I am a small lovable and yes, adorable furry human~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~