The FAKE GLASS! 😂 #shorts


  1. rk Gusain

    rk Gusain

    34 dəqiqə əvvəl

    Teeth kyu brown h

  2. Neilay Prabhu

    Neilay Prabhu

    6 saat əvvəl

    Hey Dan, can you pls reveal your Britain's Got Talent Illusion Box Trick🥺

  3. Asma Dhaou

    Asma Dhaou

    Gün əvvəl


  4. Chef Chase E.

    Chef Chase E.

    Gün əvvəl

    My teeth are so weak I can’t even do that🤣🤣

  5. lord nastasic

    lord nastasic

    Gün əvvəl


  6. Migcel Blanco

    Migcel Blanco

    Gün əvvəl

    What do you mean”dont tell anyone” YOU ARE DOING A BEHIND THE SCENES WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE

  7. Dr. Mighty

    Dr. Mighty

    2 gün əvvəl


  8. Mas Bambang

    Mas Bambang

    3 gün əvvəl

    in Indonesia, eating real glass is not fake

  9. deja- vu

    deja- vu

    3 gün əvvəl


  10. Ειρηνη Κελεπούρη

    Ειρηνη Κελεπούρη

    3 gün əvvəl


  11. Daisyshower


    3 gün əvvəl

    omg biting ice is really bad for braces!!!

  12. Ahmed Abarkan

    Ahmed Abarkan

    3 gün əvvəl

    Is ice

  13. Grant Feigl

    Grant Feigl

    3 gün əvvəl


  14. Hannah Doherty

    Hannah Doherty

    4 gün əvvəl

    Hey why is water dripping

  15. gary jones

    gary jones

    5 gün əvvəl

    Me:mom can we watch magic? Mom:no it's on AZslow *magic on AZslow:*

  16. Golden Legend

    Golden Legend

    5 gün əvvəl

    He is the type of guy who tells *how tasty chicken rice is to chickens!*

  17. Gennaro Schipani Ortiz

    Gennaro Schipani Ortiz

    5 gün əvvəl

    I recommend boiling the water before freezing it so it comes out more crystalline and looks more glass

  18. Mars Lopez

    Mars Lopez

    6 gün əvvəl

    How do i block or ignore a youtube channel?

  19. sibi gaming

    sibi gaming

    6 gün əvvəl

    He has ice please tell anyone

  20. Anushka Tudu III-B, Roll-27

    Anushka Tudu III-B, Roll-27

    6 gün əvvəl

    Good 😀😃😄🤩🤫😄😉🤭😍😍

  21. laian madi

    laian madi

    6 gün əvvəl

    Wow, I'm lying and lying. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Sonali Patil

    Sonali Patil

    6 gün əvvəl

    Lmao that water falling be like Am I a joke to you

  23. Milani


    6 gün əvvəl

    if u put water on it, it looks more like glass

  24. Gurnoor Brar

    Gurnoor Brar

    6 gün əvvəl

    Mother: Drinking alcohol during pregnancy won't effect my child The child:

  25. Aishath Riyasa

    Aishath Riyasa

    6 gün əvvəl

    That is fake but nice

  26. Gaming With lion

    Gaming With lion

    6 gün əvvəl

    Him: ok we got some ice here dont tell any one him: poses it in yt

  27. Yung Pheara

    Yung Pheara

    6 gün əvvəl

    i like it

  28. Dhyan Prakash

    Dhyan Prakash

    6 gün əvvəl

    Anything he says in every video shhhhhhhshh! 🤭🤭

  29. callmej


    6 gün əvvəl

    Yet you need braces ha

  30. Ayden Gonzalez

    Ayden Gonzalez

    6 gün əvvəl

    Stop with the hes the kind of guy it’s annoying

  31. RadioBolix1


    6 gün əvvəl

    I broke my latté glass with my teeth

  32. Nandani Mehta

    Nandani Mehta

    7 gün əvvəl


  33. jiminshiii ii

    jiminshiii ii

    7 gün əvvəl

    THat CaNT bE GoOD FrO MEH

  34. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    7 gün əvvəl

    I almost looked up where can I get a trench coat and a ak27

  35. Fevine Lps

    Fevine Lps

    7 gün əvvəl

    This guy doesn’t trick me you can tell it’s ice cause it’s dripping water and melting at the bottom 🙄

  36. Parth Bhonde

    Parth Bhonde

    7 gün əvvəl


  37. Fatima Wairs

    Fatima Wairs

    8 gün əvvəl

    Oo David Blaine use this trick

  38. Alex de haan

    Alex de haan

    8 gün əvvəl


  39. Alex de haan

    Alex de haan

    8 gün əvvəl


  40. Mary joy Delos reyes

    Mary joy Delos reyes

    8 gün əvvəl

    Wow thats cool!

  41. Adis


    8 gün əvvəl

    Are we gonna ignore the fact he wearing brackets?

  42. Ilias Oulad

    Ilias Oulad

    8 gün əvvəl

    First of all, that doesn't even look like a glass, second of all it's very easy to bite glass

  43. Abdullox Shukurov

    Abdullox Shukurov

    8 gün əvvəl

    ока озбечайам гапирин

  44. Domi R.

    Domi R.

    8 gün əvvəl

    digger your braces



    8 gün əvvəl

    Cause we Definitely did not see the "Glass" drip water

  46. Jotaro


    8 gün əvvəl

    Literal logic would destroy his things

  47. Olivia Knight

    Olivia Knight

    8 gün əvvəl

    Do you want with your son if you have a sec

  48. maximiliano gonzalez

    maximiliano gonzalez

    8 gün əvvəl


  49. Hatice Uslu

    Hatice Uslu

    8 gün əvvəl

    I love your magic tricks, you are great, congratulations🙂🙂❤️❤️

  50. evi evi

    evi evi

    8 gün əvvəl

    Don't break a tooth😬

  51. Delaney Pond

    Delaney Pond

    8 gün əvvəl

    You could see it melting

  52. Fgg Ttt

    Fgg Ttt

    8 gün əvvəl

    العبيط اه اه العبيط اه اه

  53. Kemani thompson

    Kemani thompson

    8 gün əvvəl

    It is ice

  54. Martha Marquez

    Martha Marquez

    9 gün əvvəl

    If ice



    9 gün əvvəl

    Did anyone notice how he can hold ice in ✋ hands "ice"😭 wow and the bite



    9 gün əvvəl


  57. Max Rodriguez

    Max Rodriguez

    9 gün əvvəl

    It’s ice

  58. FNAF Foxy

    FNAF Foxy

    9 gün əvvəl

    You are smart

  59. cinderr__


    9 gün əvvəl

    He's the type of guy to think people actually like this shit, cringey content

  60. Game!Zoid


    9 gün əvvəl

    Because it totally looks like glass and not Ice...

  61. Χαράλαμπος Πιτζας

    Χαράλαμπος Πιτζας

    9 gün əvvəl

    Ηλίθια πράγματα

  62. Juan Xochicali

    Juan Xochicali

    9 gün əvvəl

    guys pot that in his frish

  63. Juan Xochicali

    Juan Xochicali

    9 gün əvvəl

    he is lieing

  64. Skymay O.o

    Skymay O.o

    9 gün əvvəl

    How did you have enough time removing that from the cup O.O

  65. Podunavac Ivan

    Podunavac Ivan

    9 gün əvvəl

    Hi 👋👋👋

  66. Ferdie Winchester

    Ferdie Winchester

    9 gün əvvəl

    I will tell

  67. alex diamond

    alex diamond

    9 gün əvvəl

    “Dont tell anyone” I will not tell anyone

  68. Renato Abreu

    Renato Abreu

    9 gün əvvəl

    🤦🏽‍♂️ idt

  69. ramaiel harris

    ramaiel harris

    9 gün əvvəl

    That's. Not. Reel

  70. JADE rafael velario

    JADE rafael velario

    9 gün əvvəl

    he is the kind of people who wake someone to tell he was going to sleep

  71. Abdull Ahmed123

    Abdull Ahmed123

    9 gün əvvəl


  72. I Fr

    I Fr

    9 gün əvvəl

    My guy bit into ice with braces on

  73. Madhy Madhyha

    Madhy Madhyha

    9 gün əvvəl

    I will tell everyone okay 😄

  74. Meeks Reyes

    Meeks Reyes

    9 gün əvvəl

    Lol why does he sound so weird haah

  75. Getroy


    9 gün əvvəl

    I'm just here for the my daily dose of "he's the type of guy" jokes

  76. Arianna Martinez

    Arianna Martinez

    9 gün əvvəl

    He’s the type of guy to climb over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

  77. diana ang

    diana ang

    9 gün əvvəl


  78. diana ang

    diana ang

    9 gün əvvəl


  79. David Thai sur_fortnite

    David Thai sur_fortnite

    9 gün əvvəl

    Uh I think glass are trenspirent so if you put water you can’t see the water so it’s obvious

  80. Av Smasher

    Av Smasher

    9 gün əvvəl

    David Blaine

  81. •AJ•


    9 gün əvvəl

    Hes a type of guy to send you a thankyou card for coming to his birthday

  82. ayesha khan

    ayesha khan

    9 gün əvvəl

    You the nooddddd

  83. Vedad Kamenjas

    Vedad Kamenjas

    9 gün əvvəl

    The this Crazy

  84. natalie miller

    natalie miller

    9 gün əvvəl

    Why don't you tell anyone it's actually ice and it's not glass and it's not even a real last cup okay so stop lying and tell everybody when you're done with that 📷.

  85. Fauzanul Ihsan

    Fauzanul Ihsan

    9 gün əvvəl

    Mau nggak bertemanan sama aku

  86. Fauzanul Ihsan

    Fauzanul Ihsan

    9 gün əvvəl


  87. Maria Charina Mae Serdan

    Maria Charina Mae Serdan

    9 gün əvvəl

    just a ice

  88. Kathy Nicole

    Kathy Nicole

    9 gün əvvəl

    He thinks we are so dumb to understand that it's a ice glass ( to the people where he is recording)

  89. Kathy Nicole

    Kathy Nicole

    9 gün əvvəl

    Him: don't tell anyone Me: oh so u could even tell people from a freakin mobile... Like wth.. Like how? How?

  90. Swiftly558


    9 gün əvvəl

    his braces 😬

  91. Natalie fennec fox

    Natalie fennec fox

    9 gün əvvəl

    Don't tell anyone that he hurt his teeth

  92. Reigntuber


    9 gün əvvəl


  93. big floppa :3

    big floppa :3

    9 gün əvvəl

    now you have those braces for another 2 years

  94. Jo SoMe

    Jo SoMe

    9 gün əvvəl

    Ah genial ese vidrio QUE GOTEA COMO SI FUERA UN PUTO HIELO.

  95. W MC

    W MC

    9 gün əvvəl


  96. grape juice

    grape juice

    9 gün əvvəl

    The glass is a little messed up on the ends of you don't notice

  97. Ardy Putra

    Ardy Putra

    9 gün əvvəl

    Penipu kont

  98. Tbev Vlogs

    Tbev Vlogs

    9 gün əvvəl

    Here we Goëh



    9 gün əvvəl


  100. Ishan Reddy

    Ishan Reddy

    9 gün əvvəl

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