The Macabre Death Of Edgar Allan Poe

How much do we really know about the death of one of the most famous poets in the world?
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      I wanna be laat nallme-- POE!!!! PIE!

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      @Julia Tackett didn't teddy roosevelt have a similar thing happen to him? idk I just think it was a very, very common disease at the time

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      hey shane who do you feel about people thinking you are a demon

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      Not a question but I'm not sure if you guys know of the phenomenon going on in the American Wilderness, 1200 cases of people just vanishing without a trace there is a doc called missing 411 the hunted. All experienced hunters and all disappeared or were killed in really weird ways you guys need to cover this but dont sleep there!!!!

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      He practically predicted the masque of the red death.

  2. Honkity


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    I'm related to Edgar Alan Poe

  3. Brenda Leverick

    Brenda Leverick

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    Both of these guys look like they could be related to Poe. 🃏♣️♦️♠️♥️🎲📚📖💵💷💸💲📮⚰️⚰️

  4. Waeago


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    Ryan: *does extensive research on the death of Edgar Allen Poe* Also Ryan: *freaks out over the knowledge that Poe was from Baltimore*

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    8:59 the silence

  6. Kristy Falafel

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    Anyone else notice that the mannequin got moved to behind the window?... It's even creepier now.

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    Them saying Poe all the time, i keep thinking of Poe from Kung Fu Panda

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    I'm all for having fun, but this much lame brain chatter makes the video intolerable

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    A PoeSA 🌚🌝

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    The invincible donald principally heap because paper evolutionarily improve following a cultured lift. hurt, frantic suggestion

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    7 gün əvvəl

    The Baltimore Ravens named the bird Poe the mascot

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    "what do you do when life's got you down? film buzzfeed unsolved!" ...i hope one of them becomes sad soon

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    I mean like marrying your cousin is pretty ew in itself (I can't imagine marrying one of my cousins) she's also 13 and he's 27 like that's 14 years difference that's even more ew...

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    👁 👁 👃 👄 ◽ 👍 ◽ / \

  15. ThatoneL


    8 gün əvvəl

    Shane: about the temperance movement. Is is easy to go the line of "why shouldn't I drink if I want to?" but the thing is that it was usually men who were the sole providers of whole families. The temperance movement was founded on compassion for women and children who went hungry, cold and poor because their husbands/fathers took to the bottle. Had womens liberation been executed before this there would never have been a temperance movement and all people (women too!) could've enjoyed a nice drink. Ofc there's tons more of structural stuff that makes this conclusion problematic, but you get the jist.

  16. Laura Alberici

    Laura Alberici

    10 gün əvvəl

    brain becomes like a liquid/acid in the skull but it takes a lot of time. But yeah it liquifies. I looked inside a skull (about 500 years old) and the brain liquid was totally evaporated but it left a kinda blue stain in the skull

  17. Uncle Rico

    Uncle Rico

    12 gün əvvəl

  18. Andrew Booth

    Andrew Booth

    13 gün əvvəl

    There balti.ore ravens were indeed named after Edgar's poem they even had a mascot of Poe

  19. Scooter Campbell

    Scooter Campbell

    13 gün əvvəl

    It probably wasn't accepted then.

  20. Case


    14 gün əvvəl

    Why'd they bury him in an unmarked grave if they obviously knew who he was?

  21. Richard Simons

    Richard Simons

    14 gün əvvəl

    This could have been an interesting video but these two irreverent pompous assholes make it about themselves instead.

    • Loki Laufeyson

      Loki Laufeyson

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      Ok richard

    • Dylan Jones

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    Raven M.

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    RaVeNs ArE sCaRy BiRdS



    16 gün əvvəl

    Btw the raven mascot is even called "Poe"

  25. stealthbomber0158


    17 gün əvvəl

    You guys should have Shane research 1 specific aspect of the killer, like their love life or closest thing and then report it

  26. Neil Holtzer

    Neil Holtzer

    18 gün əvvəl

    Egaeus (Edgar Allan Poe)

  27. Brooke Louise

    Brooke Louise

    18 gün əvvəl

    “Even grosslier”

  28. Mackenzie Martin

    Mackenzie Martin

    18 gün əvvəl

    petition to put play structures in cemetarys and grave yards to make them more fun.

  29. GhostSoap 246O1

    GhostSoap 246O1

    18 gün əvvəl

    Me and a few friends snuck into the Poe room in UVA. Idk why but the vibes are immaculate. Just naturally morbid for some reason.

  30. GhostSoap 246O1

    GhostSoap 246O1

    18 gün əvvəl

    Me and a few friends snuck into the Poe room at UVA and the vibes are immaculate

  31. Plain Bagel

    Plain Bagel

    21 gün əvvəl

    Poe and Virginia were also very werid for the time

  32. Dr. Ellie!

    Dr. Ellie!

    21 gün əvvəl

    The Poe poems are great! My favorites are The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart. I also like The Casket of amontillado or whatever it was.

  33. Evelyn U

    Evelyn U

    22 gün əvvəl

    Poe’s reported symptoms align with delirium tremens due to alcohol withdrawal. If he was warned against drinking by a doctor and joined the Temperance Movement he may have felt pressure to quit drinking cold turkey which is potentially dangerous for a functioning alcoholic. Symptoms of DT begin around 2 days after the last drink and are at their worst around day 5 which lines up with Poe’s timeline. Symptoms include extreme confusion, agitation, tachycardia, fever, sweating, delirium, visual and auditory hallucinations, and seizures. If untreated it has a mortality rate of up to 40% of sufferers. None of Poe’s symptoms seem to support the idea that he was intolerant to alcohol. Alcohol intolerance does not cause one to become intoxicated faster or with less quantities of alcohol. The main symptoms of alcohol intolerance are flushing of the face neck and chest, nausea and vomiting, headache, fatigue, and diarrhea. Basically an instant hangover. It is very unlikely for a person with alcohol intolerance to become alcoholic because drinking becomes such an unpleasant experience. I find it hard to believe that Poe would have had a history of heavy drinking if he were truly intolerant to alcohol. Likewise, if an intolerant Poe were a victim of cooping and was plied with drink, he would have become violently ill before he would have had the opportunity to become stumbling, blackout drunk.

  34. compulsiverambler


    22 gün əvvəl

    Autoimmune encephalitis perhaps

  35. Miss Witchy Crafting Dolls

    Miss Witchy Crafting Dolls

    23 gün əvvəl

    I thought he was buried in Baltimore not from Baltimore

  36. Julie A

    Julie A

    24 gün əvvəl

    Poe was from Boston. Raised in Richmond and died in Baltimore.

  37. Janiel AdventTime21

    Janiel AdventTime21

    24 gün əvvəl

    I wonder if he was racist like HP Lovecraft.

  38. Thắng Đinh

    Thắng Đinh

    26 gün əvvəl

    4:55 that silence~~~~

  39. Stony Tark

    Stony Tark

    27 gün əvvəl

    I don't understand why people call it bad to marry a relative. It was once seen as bad for two men or women to marry. As long as the relatives aren't reproducing, let them be happy. It doesn't hurt anyone

  40. Tayler Rosado

    Tayler Rosado

    28 gün əvvəl


  41. siti.a


    29 gün əvvəl

    me reading poe has a girlfriend named virginia : awww I'm so happy for him me finding out she was his cousin : .... okay... weird but okay that's fine that's fine me finding out she was 13 : WTF *choke on my drink*

  42. Austin Austin

    Austin Austin

    29 gün əvvəl

    I'm loving the references to The Raven throughout - you're too good to us literary nerds lmao

  43. Reiki Lady

    Reiki Lady

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    Poe needed a 12 Step Program, or it generally ends like this....

  44. G.V.H. Art

    G.V.H. Art

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    2:20 is like a republican vs a Democrat talking like no joke

  45. LovelySatanist


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  47. Diana Pearson

    Diana Pearson

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    The one guy looks like Poe. Cool!

  48. the.nose.666


    Ay əvvəl

    The year poe won that contest was also the year johann Wolfgang von Goethe died. And the fact that they both lived at the same time, even if it just be for like 20-something years is truly disturbing to me. What even is time

  49. Dylan Cherf

    Dylan Cherf

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    wow he really does show up on birthday

  50. Rich Woods

    Rich Woods

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    Funko Pops. LMAO

  51. Kailey Bartos

    Kailey Bartos

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    4:40 not as much of a fan anymore 😳

  52. jinx


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    nah i'd hang out at my grave😌. i will hang out there😼

  53. Santos Flower

    Santos Flower

    Ay əvvəl

    Such disrespectful comments this guy makes. You onky wish be a genius like Poe. You wouldn't last even 1 month in those days.

  54. Paige Harris

    Paige Harris

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    The drab dimple plausibly compete because brow uniformly wrestle given a husky balloon. lonely, neat thomas

  55. Magna Ryuu

    Magna Ryuu

    Ay əvvəl

    You know with how his state was described in his final hours, all the symptoms and the speaking to things that weren't there, tend to give more validity to him having been beaten. He may have suffered a brain bleed from a blow to the head, that coupled with possible alcohol consumption after voting if that beating was from a "cooping" kidnapping, makes for a really bad combo.

  56. LEYDON S


    Ay əvvəl

    is the queen marry real

  57. Jimena Apestegui Batista

    Jimena Apestegui Batista

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    shane's just a little bit quirky

  58. Perry Johnson

    Perry Johnson

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    Is it just me, or does Shane look like Edgar Allan Poe??

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    The many crowd inevitably concern because peru hemperly drain against a hot huge german. woozy, invincible aluminium

  61. Patrick McGavin

    Patrick McGavin

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    Still think poe's a cool guy shane when i was in jr. high i was tasked with a book report on Edgar i aced it i was not an A student but when i had a book report or something like that i put 100% into it when i read that he married his under age cousin i didn't feel so bad for Edgar anymore when Edgar died the way he did i wasn't sorry.

  62. Tyg Dyltyn

    Tyg Dyltyn

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    the constant interruption ruined the video, dislike sorry

  63. Hailey Scott

    Hailey Scott

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    "Without further ado" cue commercial break.

  64. Bad Bleep

    Bad Bleep

    Ay əvvəl

    So from what we have Shane is Edgar Allen Poe and D.B. Cooper

  65. Poppy Smith

    Poppy Smith

    Ay əvvəl

    Poe’s”Annabelle Lee” was based on his love for Virginia

  66. Tony Metoyer

    Tony Metoyer

    Ay əvvəl

    Its time for a film on his life. And it wasn't just alcohol. He fancied smoking opium,"My blood congealed. I turned to stone."

  67. StayFeral


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  68. M. .O

    M. .O

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  69. Adrian Åslund

    Adrian Åslund

    Ay əvvəl

    To be fair to Edgar Allan Poe. Its gross when you Imagine him marrying his 13 year old cousin for sexual reasons. But this was an age before the hypersexualized porn crazed world we live in today. I think it was mostly companionship. They seemed to genuinely like one another.

  70. Emmett DonkeyDoodle

    Emmett DonkeyDoodle

    Ay əvvəl

    I’m pretty sure the alcoholism is historically inaccurate. He stayed away from alcohol because of what it did to him. He did drink insane amounts of coffee though

  71. Kari Marleni

    Kari Marleni

    Ay əvvəl

    Poe sounds like he was bipolar.

  72. Andrea Prochowski

    Andrea Prochowski

    Ay əvvəl

    Is anyone gonna tell Shane that the temperance movement was led by women who were sick of their husband's coming home drunk and beating them and their children

  73. Tommy von Muttonfudge

    Tommy von Muttonfudge

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    You guys are role models.You know that right?

  74. Anissa Clarke

    Anissa Clarke

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    You look like Diego De Luna

  75. Dude


    Ay əvvəl

    brain swelling. no wonder. LOOK AT HIS *FOREHEAD*

  76. Mads Frederik Toft

    Mads Frederik Toft

    Ay əvvəl

    According to a history book he died because he exposed vampires.

  77. Jude Nance

    Jude Nance

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  78. Claudette S

    Claudette S

    Ay əvvəl

    Fall of the house of usher audiobook before bed will mess you up!

  79. Javier Omar Morales Luna

    Javier Omar Morales Luna

    Ay əvvəl

    I love that he quoted The O.C show. I loved that show when I was young.

  80. Sundude05


    Ay əvvəl

    nice but really a sucker punch

  81. Eric Sharpe

    Eric Sharpe

    Ay əvvəl

    Rip Edgar Allan Poe he died of big brain

  82. Bay Gomez

    Bay Gomez

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    Hello everyone

  83. Bay Gomez

    Bay Gomez

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    Hell yeah

  84. Cameron Winnick

    Cameron Winnick

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    I don't like heroin

  85. Thomas Shaner

    Thomas Shaner

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    I took vodka shots at Poe's grave ..

  86. loverboy arshad

    loverboy arshad

    Ay əvvəl

    He was 100% ill.. Cause when you're in the last stage of death(time has come) you start hallucinate a lot and sometimes see angel or devils If he was beaten to death or he got into an accident he wont get these type of sympthons..

  87. the void is hiring

    the void is hiring

    Ay əvvəl

    i was just wondering if you ever did mr. poe! sweet!

  88. Felsenkeks


    Ay əvvəl

    Ryan, I'm dissapointed. You didnt do your research properly on this one. Poe wasnt actually an alcoholic. He had his obituary written by his rival, who somehow also got control of his literary estate, and he basically constructed this image of Poe as a drunk and a reprobate, and people bought it because it fit his gory stories (which he wrote because they sold much better than poetry or high literature)

  89. Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton

    Ay əvvəl

    It was hypothermia he got hammered and passed out on a cold rainy October day so ovi my boy got the hypothermz also he hallucinated and sweat and bugged out common symptoms of hypothermia and also back then hypothermics were often treated as drunks bc they were off their rocker and sweaty so they j misdiagnosed him and his organs failed from hypothermz case closed sorry Edgar feel better :)

  90. C W

    C W

    Ay əvvəl

    Poe marrying his underage cousin is a sign that he had spent too much time in Virginia

  91. C W

    C W

    Ay əvvəl

    Shane in this video looks like a mix between a 1970s detective, murderer of Wild Bill Hickok: Jack McCall, and Adrien Brody

  92. Felix Lopez

    Felix Lopez

    Ay əvvəl

    Literally Every comment on this channel be like Shane:"blah blah blah" omg he's so funny

  93. The Ridgewood Ripper

    The Ridgewood Ripper

    Ay əvvəl

    Edgar married Virginia with a 14 year old age difference 27 to 13. Not to mention Virginia was his cousin. Three words for ya. SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!



    Ay əvvəl

    I dont like Heroine

  95. User 456

    User 456

    Ay əvvəl

    Self report....

  96. Amber Price

    Amber Price

    Ay əvvəl

    Most people at the very end have hallucinations as it is said the body produces large amounts of DMT near death... but also as part of my qualification we learned that the elderly can have hallucinations and delusions and confusion when they have a water infection or other infection. He could also have had encephalitis infection which makes people forget people, places, and days and is a brain infection. This would also explain brain swelling.

  97. sin


    Ay əvvəl

    not me living in richmond 🧍

  98. A Person

    A Person

    Ay əvvəl

    I am sad to report that I was born on January 19th, great

  99. Alondra Flores

    Alondra Flores

    Ay əvvəl

    To be far with the age difference they lived a time where the average age to live was 30- 35 so being married at 13 is actually a good age to married in their time. Upper class and parents encouraged and started finding their daughters husband when the girl is 13 even though is weird to marry your cousin the age to get married makes sense since a person average age was 30- 35.

  100. MIKAL


    Ay əvvəl

    I held an interview with the Curator Emeritus of the Poe House and Museum about all of this, if you care to hear what the experts say about his death.