The Haunting History Of CIA Brainwashing Experiments: MK ULTRA

Much has been written about the MK ULTRA experiments, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
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Psychedelic abstract liquid light show, weird ink patterns in water, oil, paint. Organic swirl pattern, dye explosion, kaleidoscope of colors. Bright trippy wallpaper. Marble background for visual effects, motion graphics. Multicolor 60's disco oil wheel
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  1. Celestial


    2 gün əvvəl

    “Bell, we had a job to do”

    • Big Dick

      Big Dick

      2 gün əvvəl

      What does that mean?

  2. Tina J

    Tina J

    2 gün əvvəl

    Mk ultra is alive and well. You are being brainwashes by the media. They control everyone.

  3. Eric Sawyer

    Eric Sawyer

    2 gün əvvəl

    There is evidence that Charles Manson was apart of the mk ultra program

  4. Joy Brown

    Joy Brown

    3 gün əvvəl

    You didn’t talk about the uni bomber being in an MJ ultra experiment. And you didn’t mention all the solders they experimented on. A lot those were black. I guess their only so much you can say in 9 mins but that would have been cool to hear about.

  5. kemp david

    kemp david

    3 gün əvvəl

    I was a willful volunteer for a couple years when I started college. Boy the good ole days.

  6. Martin Szoke

    Martin Szoke

    3 gün əvvəl

    Anyone who believes they stopped this program, ever, is seriously fooling themselves.....

  7. Odin Madsen

    Odin Madsen

    3 gün əvvəl

    Rust In Piece Frank Olson

  8. liam fahy

    liam fahy

    4 gün əvvəl

    city morgue

  9. Dev


    4 gün əvvəl

    They do this to rappers ?

  10. Oli_on_YT


    4 gün əvvəl

    The cia is so fckin messed up

  11. skyr3x


    4 gün əvvəl

    "No nazis or nazi supporters" Dieses Schild kann mich nicht stoppen weil ich nicht lesen kann!

  12. Ted Pel

    Ted Pel

    5 gün əvvəl

    HYDRA also did this to Bucky...

  13. AlisaDashaHills Brigades

    AlisaDashaHills Brigades

    5 gün əvvəl

    Real nice to see so much respect for us humans from our beautiful sick

  14. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus

    6 gün əvvəl


  15. brinabrina


    6 gün əvvəl

    how is this still up?

  16. Samantha MacLean

    Samantha MacLean

    6 gün əvvəl

    Really makes my heart and stomach heavy with sadness that they did this to people Who didn’t even know what they were going to do to them

  17. Kris.C


    7 gün əvvəl

    Hey, you. We’ve got a job to do.

  18. Justin Case

    Justin Case

    7 gün əvvəl

    isn't it sad that there are still people out there thinking this is not real and all just a big lie

  19. grosboute


    7 gün əvvəl

    also a fire weed strain

  20. Smoke Green & Play Video Games!

    Smoke Green & Play Video Games!

    7 gün əvvəl

    Yes we know conspiracy people, the government is still out and about experimenting on people. Many people go missing through out the year some never found again

  21. IncredibleC


    9 gün əvvəl

    4:32 "under one umbrella" 🤔.... Resident Evil for 600 Alex🤞🏾🤞🏾😑💯

  22. Randall William

    Randall William

    9 gün əvvəl

    Some thing people never realize is that MK ultra has already started. Social media is the devil and was made to distract

  23. Ryan Christofferson

    Ryan Christofferson

    9 gün əvvəl

    Where’s Shane and Ryan I came to this show because of them where did they go I loved the humor

  24. Glacierate


    10 gün əvvəl

    Bell, we have a job to do

  25. _Default_ Player_

    _Default_ Player_

    10 gün əvvəl

    "Bell, we have a job to do".

  26. Austin B

    Austin B

    10 gün əvvəl

    3:05 god damn that must’ve been one fuckin crazy night

  27. Maddi Cherkis

    Maddi Cherkis

    11 gün əvvəl

    Hydra has been a part of S.H.E.I.L.D all along

  28. Lennox Espinosa

    Lennox Espinosa

    12 gün əvvəl

    And this is the sugar coated version of the whole story. I did extensive research on mk-ultra and it was so horrifying, I couldn't get it out of my brain for weeks, it was so insanely tormenting and troubling that I couldn't even sleep. And that was just from reading about it and hearing individual's stories, especially from those that suffered from DID due to it. Can't imagine what they live with if it impacted me that much just from reading about it.

  29. Tristan Luna

    Tristan Luna

    13 gün əvvəl


  30. santiago R.Z

    santiago R.Z

    13 gün əvvəl

    Bell, we have a job to do.

  31. caelan scott

    caelan scott

    14 gün əvvəl

    he said “sorry lol” and that’s it?

  32. Kris tells Stories

    Kris tells Stories

    14 gün əvvəl

    "Bell, We've got a job to do."

  33. D'Angelo Williams

    D'Angelo Williams

    14 gün əvvəl

    Just a reminder that people who posted this believe in more government.

  34. chillbit


    15 gün əvvəl

    Bell we have a job to do.

  35. vemmp


    16 gün əvvəl

    Bell we got a job to do

  36. VoltageSpark 420

    VoltageSpark 420

    18 gün əvvəl

    The way there putting out 5g and chipping the vaccine there at it again

  37. ethanRKO5


    19 gün əvvəl

    BELL WHERE IS PERSEUS (if you know you know)



    20 gün əvvəl

    He spelled chief wrong at 3:28

  39. Chris S.

    Chris S.

    20 gün əvvəl

    Celebrities are put through MK Ultra. These experiments still happen today to unsuspecting people. Kim Noble is an artist who developed Dissociative Identity Disorder from these experiments and ritual abuse to her as a child. Her video is on Vice. They torture these people and celebrities to break them mentally to cause a split so they can control parts of the personality for their agendas. Ritual Abuse from these elites will only hurt themselves due to the pendulum of karma

  40. Jim Leyhe

    Jim Leyhe

    20 gün əvvəl

    We’ve got a job to do

  41. Q Quinn

    Q Quinn

    20 gün əvvəl

    Still being used. Sound projection being broadcasted at frequency ranges 13,000hz - 17,500hz. Suggestive thoughts, repetitive commands. Claiming to have the power to arrest and assassinate, using members of the white house, cia, us army. Especially in willcox, Arizona.

  42. T K

    T K

    20 gün əvvəl

    Jim Jones , Heaven's gate, Son of Sam, Zodiac Killer, and others perhaps they were the victims of MK Ultra?

  43. Sharla Felton

    Sharla Felton

    21 gün əvvəl

    174 days of lsd?!!! How? Poor lil brain must've been mush.

  44. The Welcome Mat Podcast

    The Welcome Mat Podcast

    22 gün əvvəl

    You have an odd way of saying experiment

  45. o 'driscoll

    o 'driscoll

    23 gün əvvəl

    Americans : nazis bad !!! Also americans : 👀 unless...

  46. bick chapanon

    bick chapanon

    25 gün əvvəl

    Bell We got a job to do

  47. B Dog23

    B Dog23

    25 gün əvvəl

    But there's no evedince of voter fraud?

  48. Gregory Salter

    Gregory Salter

    28 gün əvvəl

    C2 x O2 x Co3 x V1 x PH2

  49. Miss America

    Miss America

    28 gün əvvəl

    I literally hate that word so much it makes my stomach turn

    • Samantha MacLean

      Samantha MacLean

      6 gün əvvəl

      I was thinking the same thing this really makes my stomach turn also

  50. Irene Stamelos

    Irene Stamelos

    Ay əvvəl

    We have curbside pick tonight. Hmm my handler I had a few she knows I’m talking about her I’ll let her read these. My friends we were gong to throw in the curb good luck targted. Ti

  51. Raven Tapper

    Raven Tapper

    Ay əvvəl

    Check out Universal Black Temple video MKUltra | The BREAKDOWN of Return to Oz MIND CONTROL

  52. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez

    Ay əvvəl

    errrr reznov

  53. Arhan R.

    Arhan R.

    Ay əvvəl

    Bell, we've got a job to do

  54. faerie rain

    faerie rain

    Ay əvvəl

    Let's not forget their experimental hypnosis studies on Harvard students, one of which was so screwed up that he became the unibomber. Of course then everyone condemned what they made.

  55. andy d

    andy d

    Ay əvvəl

    Imagine what these guys would do with modern social media. Now imagine what you would do if they were manipulating you with it.

  56. Ima Mermaid

    Ima Mermaid

    Ay əvvəl

    What’s funny is that you guys think the project no longer exists😂

  57. FootBob


    Ay əvvəl

    Billions of dollars at there disposal and they can't even brain wash people yet Allison mac can help a pervert run a sex cult. What do we pay them for.

  58. Emilio Maldonado

    Emilio Maldonado

    Ay əvvəl

    Alex Jones talks about this and its conspiracy but buzzfeed talks about it and it’s facts

  59. Tijuri


    Ay əvvəl

    big shocker, the government effs over it's citizens & more 😞

  60. Jaxon Moon

    Jaxon Moon

    Ay əvvəl

    As somebody who is an experienced psychonaut (someone who is experienced taking psychedelics) I couldnt imagine taking lsd for 174 consecutive days. My mind would snap.

  61. sheena elvee

    sheena elvee

    Ay əvvəl

    I love it that Buzzfeed has a lot of videos like this one now... Like documentaries etc.. Like Aria's vids and the likes... Keep it up... Unlike before, it's more like "Top 10 this and that.." etc..

  62. brah tae

    brah tae

    Ay əvvəl

    am I the only one that thought of cold war storymode

  63. Soph W

    Soph W

    Ay əvvəl

    This is so interesting... would love to know more about it... +!

  64. Melissa Leyla S.

    Melissa Leyla S.

    Ay əvvəl

    Shutter Island.

  65. WOPER wop

    WOPER wop

    Ay əvvəl

    Wall rider and murkoff?

  66. Paul Saini

    Paul Saini

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    The hushed land trivially hop because pantry rapidly gaze amidst a muddled wrist. hanging, nappy knowledge

  67. Andrea Pitre

    Andrea Pitre

    Ay əvvəl

    Heard of it once.



    Ay əvvəl

    We have a job to do

  69. cheisrina itshaey

    cheisrina itshaey

    Ay əvvəl

    Adler looks different here

  70. Meridian Luv

    Meridian Luv

    Ay əvvəl

    Tbh? Men in black was propaganda.

    • Jasmin


      Ay əvvəl

      yoo plot twist

  71. D. Nathanson

    D. Nathanson

    Ay əvvəl

    The Unabomber was a victim of MK Ultra when he attended Harvard.

  72. Leo Mena

    Leo Mena

    Ay əvvəl

    Bell, we’ve got a job to do.

  73. Daniel Duenas

    Daniel Duenas

    Ay əvvəl

    Eddie bravo looking at this like: “tell me something i dont know!!!!!”

    • zyzz


      26 gün əvvəl


  74. Omega_Poggers


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    *”Bell, we’ve got a job to do.”*



    Ay əvvəl

    “We’ve got a job to do.”

  76. MLC


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    “Bell, we’ve got a job to do”

  77. Erickson Manuel

    Erickson Manuel

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    “Bell, we got a job to do”

  78. Zoey Zi

    Zoey Zi

    Ay əvvəl

    Mk Ultra never stopped, everything is just done remotely right while your at home or anywhere for that matter. There are any Mk Ultra people that don't even know they've been an experimentee for years.

    • ICthruthngz


      20 gün əvvəl

      Explain please.

  79. Miss Rocky

    Miss Rocky

    Ay əvvəl

    Betcha MKULTRA is goin strong. The F'tards won't stop.

  80. Bouncy Seal

    Bouncy Seal

    Ay əvvəl

    We got a job to do

  81. Kempster Island

    Kempster Island

    Ay əvvəl

    Stranger things is based off of the Montauk Project in Long Island.

  82. Caitlin Yoon

    Caitlin Yoon

    Ay əvvəl

    Imagine getting dosed on LSD against your will and without prior knowledge of it. You’d just be like- wtf is happening I’m dying and I met god. I think I’m crazy.

  83. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose

    Ay əvvəl

    One of the saddest side effects of this project is the condemnation of LSD my the medical community. When given correctly LSD can help so many people with various mental disorders including PTSD. But due to the stigma research companies wasted years refusing to go near the stuff due to cases like this. Think of all the people that could have been helped....

  84. almond avocado

    almond avocado

    Ay əvvəl

    Makes me wonder how covid was created and spread through air assualts

  85. Yo Mars ( Dj CDP )

    Yo Mars ( Dj CDP )

    Ay əvvəl MK ULTRA Berlin 2020 - Insight Proband's Report of (failed) Nazi Experiment/ Crime Scene

  86. Matthew Gino

    Matthew Gino

    Ay əvvəl

    "Bell, we got a job to do."

  87. Madison Ng

    Madison Ng

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    my brain: BANANA FISH

  88. Mads Frederik Toft

    Mads Frederik Toft

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    Bell, we got a job to do.

  89. Kjersti Goodrich

    Kjersti Goodrich

    Ay əvvəl

    "Arranged" to buy the world's supply of LSD, also scary!

  90. Aloofa Anu

    Aloofa Anu

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    Is this happen to out last

  91. Your Python Tutorials

    Your Python Tutorials

    Ay əvvəl

    paste dot ee slash p slash ZJFxg. blah blah blah

  92. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


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  93. Matty-uk- Grime time

    Matty-uk- Grime time

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    Please make videos longer love watching them

  94. MagnetclanPlays


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  95. MK ULTRA


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  96. paul


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    Bell, we've got a job to do.

  97. Isaac Lara

    Isaac Lara

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    "Bell, we got a job to do."

  98. Nick Lazar

    Nick Lazar

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    Hudson real quite rn

  99. Connie Chatman

    Connie Chatman

    Ay əvvəl

    a lot of stranger things fans don’t realize that stranger things is literally based on mk ultra, 11 has powers because her mom was a part of mk ultra and she was experimented on.

  100. Lisa Barbee

    Lisa Barbee

    Ay əvvəl

    Okay but like think of the kids. Imagine being a parent on LSD everyday 😓