The Suspicious Assassination of JFK

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1963: JOHN F. KENNEDY ASSASSINATION: DALLAS, TEXAS: QUESTIONABLE QUALITY: VS Motorcade w/ Presidential limousine w/ J.F.K. & others, shots fired (dramatized), secret service agent Clint Hill leaping onto limousine speeding away onto highway, signs.
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Law and J


  1. SamuraiDom


    26 dəqiqə əvvəl

    question, if they were 2 shooters then why isnt there a hole in the car, they said it landed in his left thigh, i mean... how? how did it go down from that angle?

  2. Shantanu Inamdar

    Shantanu Inamdar

    Saat əvvəl

    The dude on the left displays that arrogant US attitude which says America is the best country in the world. If you are happy not knowing anything, why waste time doing a video. The CIA and US have been responsible for many atrocities across the world. Today, US is running on war economy. If there are no wars in this world, countries like America would not be the biggest bully in the world

  3. David Calvitto

    David Calvitto

    Saat əvvəl

    For th ose awash in anxiety and alienation, who feel that everything is spinning out of control, conspiracy theories are extremely effective emotional tools. For those in low status groups, they provide a sense of superiority: I possess important information most people do not have. For those who feel powerless, they provide agency: I have the power to reject “experts” and expose hidden cabals. As Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School points out, they provide liberation: If I imagine my foes are completely malevolent, then I can use any tactic I want.

  4. Jamie Howard

    Jamie Howard

    2 saat əvvəl

    Time traveller: what year is it? Cia agent: 1963 Time traveller: before or after jfk was s- Cia agent: before

  5. Jean Dixson

    Jean Dixson

    2 saat əvvəl

    I was alive on this day in history you guys are really glib about this stuff

  6. Bryant Ventura

    Bryant Ventura

    2 saat əvvəl

    They’re forgetting the Alex Mason theory

  7. Jennif S

    Jennif S

    3 saat əvvəl

    jfk was hit in the front of his head.



    3 saat əvvəl

    The face in black ops

  9. Natalie Red

    Natalie Red

    4 saat əvvəl

    lmao i love this video

  10. Mr.Shawdow


    5 saat əvvəl

    It was the driver

  11. Billy Bergendahl

    Billy Bergendahl

    5 saat əvvəl

    I have always believed that Lyndon Johnson was involved in the assassination of John Kennedy.

  12. James Smallwood

    James Smallwood

    5 saat əvvəl

    looks as the driver shot him

  13. Brandon Stroud

    Brandon Stroud

    5 saat əvvəl

    Why is this other dude on the show? Lacks personality and doesn’t even wanna talk about EXACTLY WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT

  14. Stuart Klotz

    Stuart Klotz

    6 saat əvvəl

    oswald didn't do it.not possible with that gun and the place.takes h w bush(cia) is in shooter bush is too.government cabaal it again if don't believe me.bad cover up.sloppy you think.many citizen would be killed too.alot of people.SEE!

  15. Alex Wise

    Alex Wise

    11 saat əvvəl

    The driver turns around and shoots jfk just look

  16. marykay dexter

    marykay dexter

    12 saat əvvəl

    Our govt. Was involved, before geoge bush was executed; after his tribunal trial, he rolled over, and thru everyone under the bus. There is a photo of bush out side the of the bldg, with his hand holding the door. As well as admitting being involved the twin towers; they have proven the towers imploded, not exploded.The papers handed out at the fake funeral, informing they have it all. Check out the book the life and crimes of george bush. If you notice bush w walking in ,keep an eye on him and the guy behind him.

  17. Quantri Underwood

    Quantri Underwood

    12 saat əvvəl

    If you think about it how did the assassins know they were taking that route unless the drivers were apart of it

  18. Travis Trotter

    Travis Trotter

    16 saat əvvəl

    JFK said and I quote; "I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind." theory number 4 is very well as theory number 3 holding some water

  19. BryceR Gaming

    BryceR Gaming

    17 saat əvvəl

    Btw the driver also shot jfk in the face

  20. Sameeha Pathan

    Sameeha Pathan

    17 saat əvvəl

    Then what about the babushka lady

  21. foxam


    18 saat əvvəl

    do you think when he hit the headshot in his mind a guy just says "headshot" like in games

  22. Frederick Leroy

    Frederick Leroy

    20 saat əvvəl

    how if oswald had a revolver how did they find his casing after he shot Tippet, did he empty them at the scene why not take them with you it takes a little time to do that if you are running away .

  23. romahnae


    21 saat əvvəl

    “Who were they working for?” George Bush Senior. “Did Oswald acted alone?” No, he was linked with the CIA. I believe it was definitely more than one shooter. They’re gonna make sure they get the job done. I can accept the fact that “one of” Oswald’s shots did in fact struck Kennedy through his neck and hit the governor. But the fatal shot can be seen over and over and over again... coming from the front, towards the right at a downward angle, hitting Kennedy in the right side of his head. That old film from 1963 is the truest form of evidence.

  24. ZoneNoFlexx XO

    ZoneNoFlexx XO

    21 saat əvvəl

    Getting away with an assassination back then doesn't really seem farfetched when you consider the plethora of serial killers that were never caught during those times.

  25. EthanT 123

    EthanT 123

    21 saat əvvəl

    It was the driver

  26. not K3v1n

    not K3v1n

    21 saat əvvəl

    wasn’t he killed by his driver

  27. Kirsty Harvey

    Kirsty Harvey

    22 saat əvvəl

    I can't believe that Operation Northwoods wasn't even mentioned!

  28. InFamesRP


    22 saat əvvəl

    I think there’s was 2 shooters because if lee was in back then the driver turn a around and JFK got shot in the head

  29. XxMenacing TonyxX

    XxMenacing TonyxX

    23 saat əvvəl

    Me personally I think it was the driver I watched a video of a completely new angle and it shows that the driver looks at jfk pulls a gun (gunshot) jfks head goes back not forward

  30. Mr Reaper

    Mr Reaper

    23 saat əvvəl

    With a revolver there shouldn't be casings on the ground

  31. Putrawan TV

    Putrawan TV

    Gün əvvəl

    Check the driver hand.

  32. Lilly Walling

    Lilly Walling

    Gün əvvəl

    The Umbrella man claiming he didn’t realize that Kennedy had been shot because his view was blocked, even though everyone was running and screaming is hilarious to me😂😂

  33. Lilly Walling

    Lilly Walling

    Gün əvvəl

    Why is nobody mentioning that JFK was on the verge of announcing Aliens to the world and investigating them when he was assassinated?

  34. Frank TheFishFarmer

    Frank TheFishFarmer

    Gün əvvəl

    ryan: you think i could have saved the president? :D

  35. Misha Bukshpan

    Misha Bukshpan

    Gün əvvəl You have in front of you an incredible book - evidence that reveals new clues to the assassination attempt on U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The world has never before seen these levels of revelations. Why the author chose to label this work a "novel", we can only guess. Perhaps, and even likely, the author leaves a loophole -- officially it is presented not as a documentary study that sheds light on the most powerful secrets of our time, but rather is published as an ordinary spy novel. All the facts described in the book are true. All the quotations, references to reports, actual reports, memoirs, newspaper articles, details of the assassination attempt on President Kennedy, the names and positions of the persons mentioned . . . . These are easy to check on. And the thoughtful reader shall inevitably be confronted by a big question: Was President Kennedy not actually killed on November 22, 1963, but instead lived happily until October 1985 when he was eliminated via a cooperative operation between the CIA and the KGB? Well, that is a powerful question indeed. Read, absorb, research, and contemplate . . . and then feel free to draw your own conclusions.

  36. MyGayRats


    Gün əvvəl

    im sad no one brang back the "shooting the president" stitch

  37. misstwinkletoes74


    Gün əvvəl

    Red Dwarf: season 7, episode 1

  38. Kaythegame 124

    Kaythegame 124

    Gün əvvəl

    I thought jfk was hit 3 times throat back and then head

  39. hulaGUNZ


    Gün əvvəl

    LBJ was in the right place at the right time and realized he didn't want the job pretty quickly, find out the real reason he changed his mind and you'll find out more about who killed his predecessor. My guess is this was all about the expanding global markets at the time and who was going to make the most selling the oil. It's always about $$$ and who has the most.

  40. dusty bowman

    dusty bowman

    Gün əvvəl

    The umbrella can be used for calculating wind direction.

  41. Dustin Bergin

    Dustin Bergin

    Gün əvvəl

    If Oswald shot the cop with a revolver there wouldn't be any spent shell casings.

  42. TosoTv


    Gün əvvəl

    Can we just talk abt how jfks head fell backwards and was shot in the face while Oswald was behind the car... also right before... the driver turns around

  43. Eloquin


    Gün əvvəl

    "Well that's the real question, isn't it? Why? The how and the who is just scenery for the public. Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia. Keeps 'em guessing like some kind of parlor game, prevents 'em from asking the most important question, why? Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up? Who?" the military industrial and intelligence complex killed Kennedy, because Kennedy didn't want to send men like my grandfather into Vietnam. The men who killed him profited by the manufacturing, distribution and the usage of instruments of murder. Fifty years later, the same people that killed Kennedy killed my grandfather, and are currently killing thousands of old men like him as thoughtlessly as they killed millions of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. They knew 50 years ago that napalm, Agent Orange and all the other chemical weapons that made them rich were double edged swords.

    • BeingHuman69


      Gün əvvəl

      @Eloquin It is really an intriguing theory but do u have any proof? Don't get me wrong this is really interesting but a conspiracy theory nonetheless

    • Eloquin


      Gün əvvəl

      @BeingHuman69 Pancreatic cancer, next to suicide, is the biggest killer of Vietnam vets, and proximity, even now, to places highly damaged by chemical weapons entails risks of cancer. And they were aware of it.

    • BeingHuman69


      Gün əvvəl

      U sure about this?

  44. Jimy Ac

    Jimy Ac

    Gün əvvəl

    Wow feeling good to see new comments, thought I was the only one who has never watched this video.

  45. Ethan Clem

    Ethan Clem

    Gün əvvəl

    The driver

    • psycho 01

      psycho 01

      Gün əvvəl

      By a beretta m1934

  46. Xx•Arctic-wolfie•xX


    Gün əvvəl

    Ryan: Abraham- Me: LINCOLN Ryan: Zapruder Me: Oh- Also why the hell would Abraham lIncOlN RECORD BUT NOT REPORT!?!?!



    Gün əvvəl

    this is a cover up he clearly put his hand on his face after seeing the driver who pull out the weapon to shot him .

    • psycho 01

      psycho 01

      Gün əvvəl

      It was a beretta m1934 which fits well since it is small and was made in 1930s

  48. Isaiah lowrie

    Isaiah lowrie

    Gün əvvəl

    Look at the driver in the clip of jfk

  49. Cole Simpson

    Cole Simpson

    Gün əvvəl

    Ironic that that bullet went in at the exacts same angle as the other one did unless they were in the same spot which they weren’t bc the three cartridges this is hard to believe even with the knowledge that we have now

  50. Hoesloveme _

    Hoesloveme _

    Gün əvvəl

    Bro the driver shot that man go look at the slowed video

  51. Gucci Nanners

    Gucci Nanners

    Gün əvvəl

    I think his wife had something to do with it... I mean just watch the video... She acted SUPER WEIRD... She didn't scream, she didn't cry, she just grabbed the half of his head...

  52. William Perry

    William Perry

    Gün əvvəl

    i think the driver shot him

  53. Victor Montanez

    Victor Montanez

    Gün əvvəl

    If you closely look at some of the videos pay attention to the driver at the time jfk head goes back

  54. ploaxs


    Gün əvvəl

    BRO i just saw a tik tok where the driver was cut out then jfk got shot but in a different angle i saw the driver pull out a gun and shoot him

  55. Marcus J

    Marcus J

    Gün əvvəl

    I don’t know how this is a conspiracy. The guy they found that did it admitted to doing it

  56. yousef G saleh

    yousef G saleh

    Gün əvvəl

    He had a good shot bad person but good shot

  57. Itscallawalla Gaming

    Itscallawalla Gaming

    Gün əvvəl

    you notice how really bad things only happen to famous people and people who are very popular among the public Take michael jackson for example; drug overdose whitney houston; alchohol juice wrld; also drug overdose XXXTENTACION;seizure see what im getting at

  58. Emi Cavazos-ventura

    Emi Cavazos-ventura

    Gün əvvəl

    The year of mystery’s

  59. Xavier Ballin

    Xavier Ballin

    Gün əvvəl

    His driver shot him i promise u

  60. Billie eyelash Aim assist man

    Billie eyelash Aim assist man

    Gün əvvəl

    In the real video you can see how Johns head bounces back because in the real vid you can see the driver looks like he pulls out a gun just look closely to the driver in the real assassination vid

  61. oog


    Gün əvvəl

    is he dieded? or is work at drive thruthe is

  62. Pugplays464


    Gün əvvəl

    Nobody the: The comments: “umbrella academy hahaha nothing bad happens to the Kennedy’s”

  63. Sarah Jackson

    Sarah Jackson

    Gün əvvəl

    I have never thought of LBJ as our President ... I have very suspicious mind

  64. Jalen’s Gaming

    Jalen’s Gaming

    Gün əvvəl

    The driver of the car killed him some guy on tik tok solved it and yeah

  65. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson

    Gün əvvəl

    If this is just a recitation of the party line, which is riddled with holes itself, then who needs it? It's already been determined that no one can get that many shots off from that kind of gun, in that time frame. And as Oliver Stone points out in his movie named JFK, if it really was Oswald, then it would have made far more sense for him to shoot as the car was approaching the book depository, then to wait until the car was behind a live oak tree. There's a polaroid picture of a man on the grassy knoll holding a rifle, with the bullet just exiting the barrel, and the man firing had a Dallas Police emblem on his shoulder. It is thought that Oswald was just firing the starter shot, to signal the other shooter(s?) to open fire.

  66. Johnston 1245

    Johnston 1245

    Gün əvvəl

    Jkf was shot by his driver search up the video zoomed in and in slomo

  67. Christian Letourneau

    Christian Letourneau

    Gün əvvəl

    You can’t say Shane don’t look like lee Harvey oswold

  68. Sin God

    Sin God

    2 gün əvvəl

    Shouldn’t the fbi now they would be there cuz if the assassin knew of the route then for sure they fbi should’ve known just doesn’t make sense to me

  69. William M

    William M

    2 gün əvvəl

    It was rlly the driver that killed jfk

  70. Sinjin Amianda-Cook

    Sinjin Amianda-Cook

    2 gün əvvəl

    I think that it was the mob and they killed JFk because they supported him and donated to him on the promise that he would let them import drugs to other countries . Then they gave him a warning, and when he wouldn't help them they hired Oswald to kill him then they killed him so he wouldn't tell.

  71. Jan Dudok

    Jan Dudok

    2 gün əvvəl

    I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind.-JFK

  72. M Treadway

    M Treadway

    2 gün əvvəl

    Why was a hole in the windshield coming in to the front of the car

  73. mitchell Rainey

    mitchell Rainey

    2 gün əvvəl

    jfk got assasinated cuz he was pulling out of wars and giving women/people of colour rights they deserve like the equal pay act for women or the civil rights act

  74. Kieara Clark

    Kieara Clark

    2 gün əvvəl

    It’s definitely the shooter in the front seat not from a window if you can see in the video the front person driving turns around something in his hand and that’s when his head blows up then he pulls it back to the front seat

  75. lalosworld21


    2 gün əvvəl

    The driver shot him... unsolved okkkkk inside job

  76. Mr_ ratking

    Mr_ ratking

    2 gün əvvəl

    why would they have may agents on another car and none on the presidents cars

  77. Moumita Sarkar

    Moumita Sarkar

    2 gün əvvəl

    Everyone:- solving the mystery .. .. Me: trickydick XDXDXDXD

  78. K 2

    K 2

    2 gün əvvəl

    The flippant attitude of this piece is nothing short of offensive.

  79. piper t

    piper t

    2 gün əvvəl

    if you watch the zapruder film, it looks as if the driver turns around and shoots JFK in the face. it makes it seem as if he was in on it, maybe a few secret service men were in on the assassination. there’s so many people that know what happened but so many that won’t come out and say anything.

  80. Drew Gamezzz

    Drew Gamezzz

    2 gün əvvəl

    So I literally saw a magazine cover that said it confirmed that the assassination was paid for by someone, unfortunately I can’t remember the name as of rn and am gonna go back in and get it tomorrow or take picture so I can remember and update this comment. But it’s weird cause when i search it up on the internet it literally doesn’t bring anything up, but I just saw it like 3 days ago in store, but can’t remember then name of the person it said.

  81. Marcel shouldn`t be on the internet.

    Marcel shouldn`t be on the internet.

    2 gün əvvəl

    Its official, the guy on the left works for the CIA.

  82. DraX LesnX

    DraX LesnX

    2 gün əvvəl

    So he basically died because in three days from his date of assassination, Keneddy was going to disclose the truth about Ufo's, their technology and Zero power energy that would change the world.

    • Lilly Walling

      Lilly Walling

      Gün əvvəl

      THIS! Nobody ever talks about this

  83. Brandon Koblens

    Brandon Koblens

    2 gün əvvəl

    New conspiracy watch the drive look like he points a gun at jfk and fire the kill shot. Thats why his wife was trying to get out of the car......

  84. Fuzzy Bear

    Fuzzy Bear

    2 gün əvvəl

    He was shot by one of the guys in the very front seat. Watch the main video then put it in slow motion. One reason why the wife was trying to get out of the back of the car because it happened from the front. Watch slow motion guy in front passenger turns and pulls up something then he's shot.

  85. D.T. Baker

    D.T. Baker

    2 gün əvvəl

    Daily reminder that Jeffery Epstein was murdered to cover up pedophilia and malfeasance among members of the global elite.

  86. Juan V

    Juan V

    2 gün əvvəl

    Hey you all forgot to mention why JFKs head fell back after the headshot

  87. Lucidghost -CODM

    Lucidghost -CODM

    2 gün əvvəl

    Anyone else see that the driver turned around right when the President got shot

  88. Mike James

    Mike James

    2 gün əvvəl

    Zoom and slow down watching the driver in the original footage....

  89. Bob Tiemersma

    Bob Tiemersma

    2 gün əvvəl

    I get mistaken for President Kennedy's relative. John F. Kennedy presented us with an insight to the reality to being President of the United States. Along with the honor of being mistaken for Kennedy's relatives comes the reality to being a Kennedy. Rumors had that I ALSO had a girlfriend killed by an assassin when I was approaching the age Bobby was when John got shot. Long story short, having affairs with Kennedy's and getting mistaken for Kennedy"s relative's lover set one up for an assassin's target.

  90. Wendy 73541

    Wendy 73541

    2 gün əvvəl

    So the diver killed him it’s an inside job

  91. Matty Sheehan

    Matty Sheehan

    2 gün əvvəl

    10 days before JFK was assassinated he signed & initiated a memo which ordered our military industrial complex to share the information that we had regarding UFO’s, E.T’s, and space travel. The Soviet Union would then do the same in return (that was the idea) He was trying to make peace with the USSR to advance the human race into a golden age of technology and progress. This was unacceptable to our government. 10 days.

  92. Redline Racing

    Redline Racing

    2 gün əvvəl

    The victors write the history books. May that never leave your mind. You want the truth? You think you can handle it? Okay. *Europa - The Last Battle* *NWO : Communism By The Back Door* *The Greatest Battle Never Told* *Hellstorm* Watch them. Open your eyes. Understand the true evil presence in our current world. The year is 2020 the global move to push the human race into a state of constant slavery is in complete motion. Day by day the tainted globalists & the cancerous media destroy your mind & control the masses. I cannot digress from the point that is the victors write the history books, this world isn’t what you are taught it is. The masses of lies have ruined our nations, ruined our people & ruined our societies. Global government is in the making. The truth cannot & will not be hidden. The victors write the history books. You all live lives of experiences that alter your ego, you are not your ego. You are a human. A human. Not a citizen. Human Not Citizen. There is a truth to everything. Corrupt the young, control the media & profit from everything in between. You people need to awaken.

  93. Sonya Ralston

    Sonya Ralston

    3 gün əvvəl

    Come on?!? Really?? Unsolved?? The shady azz United States Government did that sh*t.. duhhhhh

  94. Charles Black

    Charles Black

    3 gün əvvəl

    There is very compelling evidence that the Zapruder film was altered over the weekend following the assassination. Its clear that even the existence of the Z film was a big problem.

  95. Felsenkeks


    3 gün əvvəl

    Omg I had no idea there was actually a guy with an umbrella at the assassination! I thought the Umbrella Academy had made that up :O Reginald Hargreeves killed Kennedy confirmed!

  96. The Griffin

    The Griffin

    3 gün əvvəl

    When they say LBJ all I can think of is lebron

  97. OrtegaLA


    3 gün əvvəl

    I never seen 2 *random shooters* . One of them always gotta be *hired by the CIA to assassinate the only President in history to publicly criticize the agency while the other shooter hired, Lee Harvey Oswald, has ties to precisely the communist country the US is at war with, making both communism and the Soviet Union look worse while eliminating their only threat*

  98. Arkade Cinema

    Arkade Cinema

    3 gün əvvəl

    The fatal 'grassy knoll' fatal headshot would not be possible. The bullet entrance and exit points in Kennedy's skull were at the front and at the back. If the shot were taken from the grassy knoll then the entrance and exit points would have been at the side of the skull, since the grassy knoll was directly to the right of Kennedy at the time of his assassination.

  99. Me Big

    Me Big

    3 gün əvvəl

    I’m glad to see no clone high references in the comments

  100. Janet Morgan

    Janet Morgan

    3 gün əvvəl

    I love how you have two different people two different opinions and not just one person projecting their opinion. Your videos are interesting and amusing. Thumbs up to you both.